We would like to convey our gratitude to all parents who have left kind and encouraging words for Alif Ceria. Here are some of the testimonials from satisfied parents about our kindergarten programme:


Initially our daughter Farra Allysa was a very shy, quiet and unsociable child. She refused to go school and cried when she was at school. Surprisingly after a few months, Allysa turned to be a cheerful and active kid. We are very satisfied with Tadika Alif Ceria as it has prepared our daughter with all necessary knowledge and strong foundation required in the future. Now, she is more confident and has developed good social skills. We can see her progressing well and improved tremendously.
Now after 2 years, Allysa is ready for real school challenge. She is now able to read, write and count greatly! And most importantly she is so happy and cheerful. We believe 'a happy child can always learn more and faster'.
We would like to thank Alif Ceria for providing good facilities, clean and tidy environment and also a wonderful learning environment. Thank you to all teachers for being so caring and loving. We are very glad that we made the right choice in sending Allysa to Tadika Alif Ceria!
En. Shahman Jalaludin & Pn. Farahaini Mohd Zon - Farra Allysa 6 y.o