Rain Rain Please Don’t Go Away

Rain is a blessing,

From Allah Ar- Rahim,

To all of us living things,

So, we can live and keep growing.


Rain is a blessing,

Make dua’ when it’s raining,

Allahuma Soyyiban Nafi’an


Islamic Children Song


We wished for a rainy day so that we could play outside in the rain, but Allah gave us sunny day instead. 😉

All set and ready with raincoats and umbrellas, we went ahead with the plan.

Water hose to the rescue! Bring on the rain, teacher!

Get ready kids… here comes the rain!

It’s raining now!

All wet!

The ground gets wet too

Happily standing in the rain

I see a little bit of puddle there

Let’s jump!

Ok kids, let’s go inside and dry up ourselves. No teacher… more rain pleaseeeee!

So we dried up ourselves and started counting raindrops

and we made rain in a jar

and spattered some colours on an umbrella!

Oh what fun we had! Alhamdulillah!