Trip to Muzium Alam Semulajadi

The trip was in conjunction with our monthly theme; The Animals. We were so lucky that the museum is just 5 minutes drive from the school. It showcased the most common Asian mammals including the endangered species. Have a look at the photos..

The skull of an elephant, so big, Subhanallah!

Roar like a tiger!


The Malayan Pangolin

The one with the white t-shirt, the tapir

The biggest mammal exhibited, the Bryde’s whale

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Birthday Celebrations – April to July 2010

April kids – Happy Birthday Zea, Danish, Danial, Ain, Iman and Syahmi!

May kids – Happy Birthday Raudhah, Sumayyah, Hamizah, Sara, Naim, Najma and Zharfan!

June and July kids – Happy Birthday Ana, Darwish, Ashraf and Alya!