Alif Ceria 10th Year Reunion & Makan-makan!

Time flies so fast that in a blink of an eye, Alif Ceria is now 10, Alhamdulillah! We would like to celebrate our 10 years together with you – kids, parents, teachers, partners, friends and families, who have been there with us since 2010. Without you, we would not be here today.

Date: Saturday, 14 December 2019
Time: 10am – 2pm
Venue: Tadika Alif Ceria Presint 11, Jlan Jati Bukit P11/4, Presint 11, Putrajaya.

Please feel free to bring along friends who are interested to be part of our big family and receive a special token when they enroll for 2020 intake.

And kids, do come, fun activities await you!
#pettingzoo #mrclown #hennapainting #andmanymore

Kindly RSVP before 6/12/2019 #untukbudgetmakanan

For enquiries, please Whatsapp +60132412337.

Jemput datang ye!
xoxo Teacher Ima & Teacher Liz
& all teachers of Alif Ceria 💕

Registration 2020

Pendaftaran untuk sesi persekolahan 2020 telah dibuka mulai:

  • Isnin, 19 Ogos 2019 (untuk pendaftaran semula pelajar 4 & 5 tahun sesi 2019 dan pendaftaran baru adik-beradik kepada pelajar sesi 2019 sahaja).
  • Isnin, 9 September 2019 (untuk semua pendaftaran baru selain daripada 2 kategori di atas).

Sila ambil maklum perkara-perkara penting berikut:

  1. Anak-anak yang berumur 4 dan 5 tahun pada sesi 2019 perlu mendaftar semula jika berminat untuk meneruskan persekolahan di Tadika Alif Ceria pada tahun hadapan.
  2. Keutamaan mendaftar awal mulai 19/8/2019 akan diberikan kepada ibubapa sesi 2019 untuk mendaftarkan semula anak untuk sesi tahun hadapan termasuk mendaftarkan anak yang baru. Walau bagaimanapun, selepas tarikh 9/9/2019, pendaftaran adalah secara ‘first come first serve’ kerana ibu bapa baru akan mula mendaftar.
  3. Semua ibubapa baru yang pertama kali mendaftar ke Alif Ceria dan ibubapa alumni 2010-2016 WAJIB menghadiri sesi taklimat ringkas di tadika untuk penerangan tentang terma & syarat pendaftaran, perincian yuran tahunan dan bulanan, peraturan-peraturan tadika dan program serta kurikulum yang digunapakai di Alif Ceria. Tarikh temujanji untuk sesi taklimat adalah mulai Isnin, 26/8/2019. Semua temujanji akan dibuat hanya selepas jam 2 petang.
  4. Adalah dimaklumkan juga tempat adalah terhad terutamanya bagi sesi ‘daycare’ di Presint 14, Presint 16D dan Presint 16F. Bagi pendaftaran untuk Bdr Saujana Putra, semua permohonan akan diberikan status “Senarai Menunggu” sehingga kuota 35 orang pelajar dipenuhi.
  5. Pendaftaran adalah secara online sepenuhnya di dan kelulusan akan diberi tertakluk kepada kehadiran pada sesi taklimat (bagi pelajar baru) dan juga rekod bayaran bulanan (bagi pelajar lama).
  6. Pihak tadika tidak mengamalkan konsep ‘booking’ atau ‘deposit’. Yuran pendaftaran perlu dijelaskan setelah kelulusan diberi.
  7. Sila hubungi nombor-nombor berikut untuk sebarang pertanyaan dan penetapan tarikh temujanji:

Presint 14: 038893 5431 (Teacher Ros)
Presint 16D: 038861 4919 (Teacher Liyana)
Presint 16F: 038861 8527 (Teacher Alwani)
Presint 11: 038861 5908 (Teacher Afiqah)
Bdr Saujana Putra: 035103 4535 (Teacher Wawa)



Terima kasih.

ACKGT 2018

Our annual Alif Ceria Kids Got Talent 2018 is just around the corner. There will be three (3) categories to be contested this year – Creative Presentation (BM), Music & Movement and Storytelling (English).

We would like to invite all interested kids to participate in the English Storytelling with the title “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” (basic storyline will be given).


  • Submit your child’s name to class teacher
  • Practice at home
  • The story must be presented within the time limit of 7 minutes. It can be an original story or one that has been creatively altered. Please refer to the basic story line provided at this link: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Each participant will present his/her stories at their own centres and a finalist will be chosen to represent his/her centre at the final.


Qualifying Rounds:
Wednesday, 1st August, Thursday, 2nd August and Friday, 3rd August 2018
At all respective Alif Ceria centres during class session.

Wednesday, 8th August 2018
To be held at Auditorium Kompleks Kejiranan Presint 16, Putrajaya.
9.00am – 12.00pm.

Thank you.

Is Fear a Factor for you? Episode 1

If there is a theme that the kids will never forget, it’s definitely this one – the FEAR FACTOR week! We had this theme about two months ago and we still have kids saying it was the best activity ever. Alhamdulillah.

We created some kids-friendly “fear factor” games and activities, focusing on some common fears kids have, like spiders, darkness, creepy crawlies, etc.  Well, actually, more like sensory stimuli put to a test – giving the kids a chance to face their fears and phobias and have a ton of fun while doing it.

Mind you, it was messy, mysterious but awesomely fright-filled fun!

Here are twelve kid-friendly Fear Factor challenges that we did:

Frozen Toes.
That’s a bucket filled with ice! So cold!

Spooky Sensory Experience.
What’s in this box? Is it slimy? Is it spiky? Is it soft or hard?
It’s squishy and ewwww, I don’t like this teacher!!

Slimy spaghetti
Would you eat a plate of colourful worms?

What is blood made of?
It seems that red blood is not much fear to freak-out about, but when we add some ice in the bucket… here comes the oohhh, ahhhh, ewwww, nooooo!

Sticky fingers.
Different type of flour mixed with some water to make different textures. Some kids just don’t like their fingers to get sticky.

Bowl of fear.
Not everybody favours the smell of durian, right?

Drawing using foot.
Controlling your foot to create some masterpiece is definitely a challenge.

Don’t jiggle that spider!
Or that cockroach. or even that tiny Ratatouille. They are not my friend!

I am not afraid of the dark!
In fact, I love to play in the dark! I just don’t like to be blindfolded. Is it not the same?

Monster egg smash.
Smash them all before the monsters hatch! Ha ha ha!
Fact: Walking barefooted on the grass is a big NO for some kids, especially girls. Geli katanya 😉

Creepy box.
That creepy crawlies look so real! I don’t want to get my fingers in there!

Worm Pie Challenge.
They already know that there are a lot of yummy gummy worms in that cream. Hence the smiling cheeky happy faces 😉 Oh well, kasi chance lah!

We did more than 12 challenges actually (will continue this in Episode 2). Did it really help the kids to face their fears? Yes to all these:

  • Exposing kids to use their five senses to explore new information about many things
  • Encouraging kids to openly talk about things that they dislike and why
  • To help them to understand that different people may have different fears
  • To instill the believe that in any difficult situation, although being brave is not easy, they have to keep trying and do not easily give up.

And at anytime when we feel fear or scared, as long as we turn to Allah Al-Qadir, the Most Powerful, we will be all right.