This is what we do in the morning

First thing in the morning.. go PLAY outside!

Something that our kids really look forward to.

Alhamdulillah for the outdoor space.

Indeed, the outdoor space is a crucial must-have at all Alif Ceria centres. Having ample outdoor space not only allows the kids to do all sorts of physical movement to keep fit and able to channel their energy, it also offers massive potential for experiential learning – the hot sun, muddy soil, variety of plants and flowers, water play, nature walk and many more. Life’s best lessons are outside the classroom, agree? 😉

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Good to know:
The following information are written in its original form i.e in Bahasa Malaysia to retain their meaning and context. 

a) Garis Panduan Penubuhan Tadika dan Taska, Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa Semenanjung Malaysia,  Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan (2012)

Untuk kediaman jenis teres, hanya lot tepi (corner lot) sahaja dibenarkan. Lot tengah (intermediate lot) atau lot hujung (end lot) tidak dibenarkan kerana tidak mempunyai kawasan lapang  di samping bagi mengelakkan masalah kesesakan lalu lintas.

b) Surat Pekeliling Ikhtisas Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia Bil. 7 Tahun 2016 (Lampiran 1) – Pelaksanaan Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan KPSK (Semakan 2017)

Peruntukan masa minimum PdP bagi aktiviti luar adalah sebanyak 120 minit seminggu.

Aktiviti luar merangkumi Aktiviti Fizikal dan Main Bebas. Aktiviti luar hendaklah dijalankan di luar kelas dan perlu dilaksanakan setiap hari. Aktiviti Fizikal dijalankan 30 minit, 2 kali seminggu dan Main Bebas dijalankan 20 minit, 3 kali seminggu.
Aktiviti Fizikal ialah aktiviti yang melibatkan pergerakan tubuh badan dan memerlukan tenaga untuk meningkatkan kecergasan fizikal dan kesihatan diri.  Main Bebas pula merupakan aktiviti yang memberi peluang kepada murid untuk membuat pilihan secara bebas untuk bermain.

Corner lot premises for all Alif Ceria centres + daily outdoor activities = CHECKED. Alhamdulillah.

MAHA 2016: Yeay, we won!

Alif Ceria had the opportunity to enter the Cow Sculpture Painting Competition (Pertandingan Mewarna Arca Lembu) during the recent  Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) 2016, and Alhamdulillah, WE WON!

The competition was organised by Group Transformasi Ruminan Malaysia (GTR) and winners were judged according to creativity, tidiness and teamwork. Our team of 4 teachers & 10 kids competed in 2 categories (Family Category & Kindergarten Category) and we are so excited to share that we have won in both categories 🙂 Congratulations and kudos to the winners and thank you to everyone who make these happen. It’s teamwork indeed!

Sharing with you, some photos during the competition on 1st December and also during the prize giving ceremony held on Sunday, 11th December 2016.


We were among the first to arrive 🙂




The kids were so excited to touch the little lamb!


Opening ceremony before the competition – Confident girls on stage!


You want us to sing? No problem, we surely can!


Paying Abang Sado a visit 😉


The scuplture – before painting


Coaster ride around MAHA 2016


Looks skillful, aren’t they?


Mixing base colours to make green


Finishing touch.. don’t forget MAHA theme for this year – Our Food, Our Future!


Two on each side, that’s teamwork kids, good planning!


We’re done! Teacher Ina, Teacher Lini, Iszahra & Humaira competing in Family Category


The other side of the sculpture


Teacher Nisha and her girls, competing in Kindergarten Category (Team 1)


Hayfa & Auni with their work of art, competing in Kindergarten Category (Team 2)


Family Category (2 teachers & 2 kids)


Kindergarten Category (Team 1 – 4 kids)


Kindergarten Category (Team 2 – 4 kids)

And the winners are….. {drum roll please}


First Place: Family Category. Thank you Teacher Lini for representing Alif Ceria 🙂


First Place: Kindergarten Category. That’s Iszahra with Teacher Lini. Thanks for coming Iszahra!


2nd Place: Kindergarten Category.


Marissa & her sister with the winning mock up cheque. Thanks for coming Marissa!


Iszahra & her family.. thanks for coming, really appreciate your support!!

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, for the opportunity given. Experience like this is definitely priceless – the kids learned so much; especially in planning and working as a team. It was amazing to see how confident and relax they were, be it on the stage (it’s impromptu yeah ;-)) or during the competition itself. Kudos everyone, what a great news to wrap up our 2016 memories 🙂 🙂


Kids Go Shopping!

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

And here we are, taking the kids out for shopping at various places including the hypermarket, grocery shop, bookshop & the wet market! Now, let’s list down what do they LEARN out of this trip, shall we?

  1. Shopping manners (excuse me, please & thank you!)
  2. Writing the shopping list  (wants vs. needs)
  3. Reading the product label (checking expiry date and looking for Halal logo)
  4. Direction – finding way to the aisle of specific item
  5. Money (checking & comparing the price)
  6. Counting & weighing
  7. Observing healthy vs. unhealthy food
  8. Spending within the budget
  9. Opportunity for interaction & conversation
  10. Language & vocabulary (new words)
  11. Practical problem solving
  12. Using all the senses to experience shopping – touching, smelling, squeezing, shaking, and looking at the items

Shopping with kids might involve a little extra planning, and the shopping might take a little longer, but it is well worth it, InsyaAllah, given the benefits they will gain from this exposure.

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Hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed the shopping trips! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Entrepreneur Week – Let the Kids run the Business!

We are so excited this week as we are running a special event at Alif Ceria on 22nd & 23rd September 2016, as part of the activities during the Entrepreneur Week.

The event provides kids the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship by learning how to start, own and operate their own stand business. From sandwiches, ice cream and nasi lemak to stationery, magazines and toys, kids are exposed to real buying and selling affairs. While the sellers learnt how to setup their stalls, put the price tags, greet the customers and count the profit at the end of the day, the little buyers dealt with dilemma and decision making on what to buy with the limited pocket money ;-).

It was surely an enjoyable yet memorable event for everyone. Sharing some of the moments captured during our AC Mini Carnival 2016🙂


Happy customers!


One ice-cream, please!


How much is this fruit kebab?


These are limited issues, RM1 only.. very cheap!


I want to buy that one!


How many sausages do you want?




That car can transform into Bumblebee you know! 50 cents only!


That chocolate milkshake sure looks delicious!


Ahhh so many choices!


I am not sure whether I have enough money to buy that..


Shopaholics-to-be?? Hehe…


Here’s your change, thank you. Saya jual!


Mai mai beli!


The red one, please!


Nice handbag 😉


Extra mayonnaise, please!


Long queue at the token stall.. it’s game time!


Hmm… macam tak cukup je.


Tawar-menawar affairs


All items must go! (marketing skill tested ;-))


Everything looks so yummy!


Perfect way to welcome the customers — SMILE!!


Managing the stall efficiently – way to go Mr. Kebab Seller!


Here’s RM1..


A tip from the teacher – All items must be arranged properly to attract the customers.


That’s a 50 cents coin.


Which one do you like to buy?


The sweet nasi lemak girl 🙂

All profits earned from this event has been donated to a charity fund for school kids of Sekolah Kg. Kajhu in Acheh and also to nearby mosques and musollah, Alhamdulillah. Another great tip in the business world – the more you give, the more you get, InsyaAllah 🙂